My Story by Sue Sutton, Emma's Mum


I started to receive support from CRUSE in 2008, until that time I had never heard of the organisation.  I suffered 3 significant bereavements in less than a year.  On Christmas day 2006 my sister lost her battle with leukemia, at my home.  Six weeks later my mum was diagnosed with cancer and died a week later and then in December my beautiful daughter, Emma, died suddenly of a brain aneurysm the day after her 31st birthday.  She left behind devastated parents, a sister, brother, husband, two sons, Luca 5 years old and Rocco who had just celebrated his 2nd birthday and lots of friends.

I was struggling to cope with my grief and felt like there was no point in carrying on with my life.  Then one day I just walked in off the street to CRUSEs drop in centre where a lovely lady called Thelma made me a cup of tea and I poured my heart out.  That was the start of my ongoing journey to rebuild my life.  I was given my own counselor called Denise who visited me at my home every week.  Sometimes she would stay for 3 hours or more just listening to me and discussing my feelings.  Eventually I began to start to piece my life back together.

CRUSE have also been a great support to my grandson, Luca, who struggled to come to terms with his mums death.  One night she tucked him in and kissed him goodnight and when he woke up in the morning she was gone forever.  Luca received counseling from Peggy who is specially trained to counsel children.

The support provided by CRUSE has been excellent and although nothing can take the pain away, their help provided us with a way forward.  For this reason and in Emma's memory it was decided that we would organise a sponsored walk, Walk With Emma this gave us something positive to focus on and help to raise money for CRUSE along the way.  No one expected to raise more than £100 so we were delighted when we accumulated over £3,000 after the walk and the evening event.  Since then we have had Walk With Emma 2009 raising £2,600 and our latest event was a bingo evening making a further £361 for CRUSE.  
We have been collecting prize donations from local businesses and even managed to get some celebrity goodies from Darius Danesh, Peter Andre, Trinny and Susannah and Russell Watson!

I will never come to terms with what has happened and my life will never be the same again, but with the support I have received from CRUSE I know there is a future for me and my family.  Helping to raise money and making people aware of CRUSE is a big part of my therapy it also helps to keep Emma's memory alive.

In conclusion, if there is anything you are able to donate, no matter how small for our next event then you will be helping keep Emma's memory alive and contributing to a valuable charity that relies solely on donations.

Thank you for reading this and your consideration

Sue Sutton and everyone involved with The Emma Colangelo Memorial xx




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